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Saturday, July 21, 2012

fresh on Q

'Fresh on Q' is the name of our local Farmers' Market, located on Q avenue. Have I told you that we live off Q which is parallel to R and we are between 8th and 10th street?! The grid system sure does make it easy to navigate round here!

Anyway I digress. What I wanted to talk about was the Farmers' market. It is on every Saturday morning from May through to October and Tuesday evenings too.

It is full of stalls selling local produce like cucumbers 'cukes', summer squash (yellow courgette), corn, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, garlic which is flavourful and moist, flowers, the list goes on. Most of it is a little more expensive than store bought but knowing exactly where the blueberries are from (Schultz's Fruitridge farm down the road - we picked peaches there last summer) makes the $3 for a quart worth it. And they are so juicy and tasty!

A local restaurant makes omelettes on portable gas stoves. Goodness knows how many eggs go into just one of them but they are delicious and the kids love them too. And then there are 'Sinsational cookies', chocolate chip or cranberry and white chocolate - too good not to indulge.

We went today and managed to avoid the cookies but tried the chicken wings from Four Guys Smokin'. We'd heard they were really good and my friend was right. Delicious tender chicken legs and wings with a fab smokey flavour. A dozen for $8. Not bad. We will have to get a whole chicken next week! They also sell pulled pork sandwiches but we had just made that last night in the slow cooker so we will save that for another week too.

Today was especially nice because there were two violin players entertaining the crowds in the market and out by the kids' play area was an acordian player called Robert. A lovely man who I talked to for quite a while as he was packing up. He used to correspond with a lady in England though he said he never actually knew her. She used to tell him about the seasons and that the "hedges were in bloom". That is the kind of thing I miss in England - hedgerows.

The kids gave him a dollar each.

The kids were happy because we saw a fire truck on the way in and they got a good amount of time in the new playground.

I enjoyed munching on chicken, tomatoes and blueberries, sat in the shade, watching the kids play and listening to the music. Bliss. 

Here are some pics from the first week of the market:

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