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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

cup of tea?

It's the little differences that you notice.

I cannot give drinks away here....

A couple of guys were at the house today doing some work outside. They pulled up in their truck and just started working. As I had seen them I popped my head out to say hi and offer them a drink but they just looked at me funny as if to say "why are you talking to us?".

I've had workmen in the house too and they never want a coffee or cold drink.

In the UK it's the first thing that workmen expect. And you make them one in the hope that they will do a good job. Here they will do a good job without a bribe!

As we were leaving the UK I was making up to 10 cups of tea and coffee at a time and probably 3 or 4 times a day, not only for the 3 men packing up our house but for the half a dozen guys outside who were digging up the road. It's just what you do and you get through a hell of a lot of milk doing it!

The American removals men who came to unpack our things into the house, did not once take me up on the offer of a drink in the 3 days they were here.

Hey ho, it saves me a job! :)

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