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Monday, January 2, 2012

tis the season to be jolly...

and boy did we have something to celebrate this Christmas!!

After the latest TURPT, the tissue samples were analysed and Dr Hafez said he could not find any more cancer cells in the tissue of Jeremy's bladder or anymore tumours... Phew! ... Hooray! ... What next?!

Next is a waiting game. Waiting for the cancer to "show it's hand". Waiting to see if the cancer returns. Jeremy will go back to UofM every 3 months for check ups.

So now we need a concerted effort to get his colitis under control (diet, exercise, destress, medication) which they think is connected to the cancer in his bladder. There is a link with inflammation and cancerous tumours so if he can reduce the inflammation in his colon and hopefully his bladder we have the best shot of living cancer free.

And so we celebrated Christmas, New Year and hopefully a new start with family and a glass of bubbly!

This was our first Christmas in America and it was a great one! Though we felt like we had already 'done Christmas' in the UK as we had seen friends and family, exchanged gifts, visited the European Christmas markets and even had a full turkey dinner at my Mum's, we came back to Michigan to start celebrating US-style!

We have had an amazing month of festivities and I wanted to capture them here to try and preserve the memories. We have tons of photos too but writing it down is a great way to add to those.

So more to come...

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