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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas highs

So I just wanted to log a couple of special memories from Christmas.

This year was so special for the kids. The first year they started to understand what it was all about. Watching their little faces light up when they were told they had an email from Father Christmas (thanks PNP) and as they watched Father Christmas talking to them on the video.

Watching him feed his reindeer in the snow (thank you reindeer.com!) and meeting him at the mall. They were fascinated but too scared to sit on his knee!

There were also special moments like driving through the Winchell housing estate on Christmas Eve after they lit all of the luminaries. Every street was lined with candles in paper bags. I hear that it is even more stunning when there is snow on the ground but we still found it absolutely magical.

Taking a walk through the Al Sabo reserve, with the sun shining in the bright blue sky.

Sitting in Church on Christmas Eve, they turned all of the lights out and then row by row people lit their candles. The light just began to fill the room and it was amazing!

It was a very different Christmas in some ways. New Year was not the same without the Whytes and Dunns and all of the other people we missed over the holidays but we were so pleased to have some of our family here to celebrate with us.

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