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Saturday, January 21, 2012

ex-pat socialising...

I'm not sure it's necessarily all to do with being an ex-pat, as much as just being new to an area and a Mum of two kids who bring change every month but here is a glimpse of what I thought was going to be a 'boring/quiet' month:

Thursday night - MOPS Moms Night Out - dinner at a restaurant, met at least 3 new mums, chatted to a couple who I kind of know and caught up with 4 or 5 who I would call my friends.

Friday - 'reconnected' with the mums I am starting to get to know at Charlotte's dance class then headed to Gymboree where I met 2 mums I have not seen there before and chatted to one who knew me but (something which happens a lot...) I didn't remember her!

Saturday - One of Charlotte's preschool mums has organised for us all to go sledging. Only really know one Mum and have met a few of them in passing, at the last meet up and at a birthday party but am struggling to remember all of their names and their kids!

Saturday night - We have organised a night out for our neighbours as we never get to see them without the kids around. Dinner and drinks, should be a great night!

Sunday - we have started going to a new church so will hopefully start to get to know people there. It is a very popular one and I have seen a couple of familiar faces and know a few people who go there.

Monday - I am planning to join a "stroller strides" class which is run by a lady I met at the MOPS MNO. 1 hour of exercise round the top level of the local mall. Genius! Let's hope Toby helps me out!

Monday night - After dropping dinner round to a friend who has just had surgery, I am going to a bible study at Church for the first time with one of the MOPS Mums who I am getting to know really well :) Jeremy is away so I am relying on our babysitter to come and put the kids to bed whilst I am out. Sarah is great! She is a 20 year old WMU college student and we are dreading her graduating and leaving us!

Tuesday - MOPS! Yay! There are about 50 or 60 Mums to get to know... I'm getting there and having a lot of fun along the way :) Jeremy is still away.

Wednesday night - I have signed up for a training programme to help me train for a 5k run in May and this will be the orientation for it. I am going on my own but hoping to meet people there to help inspire to run in -15oC weather!! :)

Thursday night - There is a meal planned for the Kellogg ex-pats. I have only met the group twice, once with both kids in tow! Thankfully I know one of them really well and it is great to be in a group of people who get what you are going through from such a unique situation.

Phew! There should be just enough time for my regular play date, Gymboree play sessions and school runs. It's funny, sometimes when you write things down, or take a picture of something you've made... It really makes you realise just how much you achieve without even really thinking about it!

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