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Thursday, May 23, 2013

little hands

I love picking Toby up from day care. When his teacher tells him I am outside the window, his face lights up and he shouts "My Mummy is here!" then he runs to the door. As soon as I step inside he runs to me, arms out stretched and jumps up to give me a huge hug. It makes me smile everyday.

Of course the magic is broken when he then doesn't want to leave, refuses to put his shoes on and runs off towards the car park, mad because he was having too much fun to go home!

But the other day was different. We were walking back to the car when I felt him reach up and put his hand in mine. It made my heart skip a beat.

I love how his little soft warm hand feels. How great it is to be needed and loved. How he looks to me for protection and companionship.

I treasure moments like that because I don't know when the last time that he reaches up to grab my hand will be. And I am grateful to be a Mum.

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