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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

happy may day!

We've been busy making baskets for May day.

The tradition here is to make a paper basket and fill it with flowers from your garden. Then leave it on your neighbour's doorstep, knock on the door and run away. They will (hopefully) then find a sweet surprise when they open the door.

As we don't really know anyone in our new neighbourhood, we are going to head over to our old street and knock on a couple of doors.

The kids were excited to make this simple craft after learning about it at school. They love anything that involves scissors and stickers!

We simply traced round a small plate onto a piece of thin card, cut it out and used a ruler to cut it in half. One half was folded round to make a cone and the other half cut to make a strip for the handle. A bit of sellotape and a handful of colourful foam stickers and there you have it... 3 flower baskets.

Unfortunately we don't have many flowers in our yard. And when I say 'not many' I actually mean none. So we will be filling our baskets with flowers from the supermarket. Not quite what I would have liked but I am not about to go down to the local park and get caught pinching daffodils! :)


  1. Fun idea!! Enjoyed seeing you last night!

    1. Thanks Susan! It was great to see you too! A fun night with the girls :)