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Monday, February 24, 2014

mushroom fun...

At the end of last year Jeremy had to go to Ann Arbor for the day and on his way home he stopped in at Whole Foods.
Oh how I wish we had a Trader Joes or Whole Foods here.

Anyways he stocked up on organic meat, yummy vegetables and some treats for the kids. He also picked up a mini mushroom farm from a company called 'Back to Roots'.
The instructions said to simply open and water twice a day to grow some delicious oyster mushrooms. I was skeptical because I am terrible at growing anything but the kids were excited so we gave it a go.

And true to their word within 10 days we could harvest our mushrooms.

I had no idea mushrooms started off like this! 

Unfortunately by day 11 they had started to dry out and that was the end of our mushrooms but the kids loved it and were very excited to eat them. I roasted them with some peppers and cherry tomatoes and they ate them. Which given they had said they didn't like to eat mushrooms, I was happily surprised! 

Jeremy and I were not so much excited as a little disturbed by mushrooms growing in our kitchen. Each morning we would come downstairs to find they had grown out of the box a little bit more! Pretty creepy but a fun experiment to do with the kids! 

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