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Monday, February 17, 2014

reaching for the sky...

This last weekend we enjoyed some time away with friends 'up north'. We went up to Shanty Creek resort and skied on Schuss mountain. We are really embracing this cold and snowy winter and filling it with fun things to do like learning to ski.

We are grateful for all of our friends who have encouraged us to get out and try it.
The kids are doing so well and Toby is probably the most enthusiastic of all of us. He was literally hopping from foot to foot, eager to get his skis on and get down the mountain!

We had a beautiful sunny day on Saturday and it was so good to feel the sunshine on our faces (and I was so grateful for a helmet with ear muffs and lots of layers!!)

I have to say that as fun as it is, it is also hard work. I don't just mean the skiing, I mean getting everyone layered-up, renting equipment and getting out onto the slopes.
Also we have realised that we will not be able to teach our kids to ski. Charlotte moans and say she can't do it when she is with us, then she goes off for a one hour ski lesson, learns how to ride the chair lift and skis down the mountain! Toby has plenty of enthusiasm but not a lot of patience... At least this time he learnt how to make a triangle with his skis to slow down whilst skiing down the hills. But he is so eager to get going that he can't even stand still on the magic carpet! He can also put his own skis on - such an independent little boy!
It's amazing to watch the little kids going for it with very little fear. I wish I had learnt when I was a lot younger and not as wise!
I am enjoying it but still have a long way to go and could really do with a few hours of practice and a lot of encouragement. I think next winter I will get started earlier in the season and try to go for a lot more lessons whilst the kids are at school!

But it certainly tires the kids out and by 7:30pm they were asking to go to bed!

It's a 3.5 (4 in the winter) drive to Shanty Creek so to break up the journey home on Sunday, we stopped in Grand Rapids.

If you are looking for a way for the kids to burn off a whole load of energy and you are in Grand Rapids then head to Sky zone near the Woodland Mall.

It's a big indoor trampoline play place. You can bounce on the huge trampoline area at the back, bounce off a trampoline into a foam pit, use trampolines to help you land a basketball in the net and they also have trampoline dodgeball! Crazy trampoline fun for big and small kids!

Our kids love it and a one hour session was plenty of time to tire them out!

They are only open in the evenings and weekends but they do have a toddler session on Friday mornings. Just check the website before you plan a trip. We have been there around lunchtime both times and as we were leaving it got really busy.
I can't wait for the one to open this summer in Kalamazoo!

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