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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

mummy daughter date...

My baby girl is not a baby anymore. Obvious I know. But as much as I try to savour every moment, I take a step back and look at her and am surprised at just how fast she is growing up into a beautiful young girl.

She starts Kindergarten next September and will be going to school full time. So I decided to steal her away from daycare and spend a precious morning with my little girl.

We shopped and had a coffee at Biggby (actually a chai tea latte and a strawberry shortcake smoothie but hey you know what I mean... Drinks and comfy chairs and no washing up!) whilst we waited for Art bayou to open - the main venue for our date.

I went there recently with the MOPS group and loved it, so I thought it would be a great place to take my little girl, who loves to paint and draw.

We spent an hour painting (and repainting) ice cream bowls. The base coat got a bit boring for Charlotte, but to be fair painting 3 coats inside and out with a paint that is so chalky that it looks almost white can get a bit boring. But then she was let loose with blue paint and had fun painting blue spots all over it!

She is always very quiet when doing something new but I now her well enough to know she had fun. She can be so loud and crazy at home but equally as quiet and thoughtful when taking it all in.

I loved having her to myself for a few hours and it's always fun to sneak off and go on an adventure. We are both very excited to get our ice cream bowls back (I made one for the Tobester) but we have to wait a week. So we are counting down the days and hope they turn out OK... Either way we had fun and created some great memories.

*** Update: Ta-da! 
Here are the finished bowls. 
We are very pleased with them and can't wait to crack open a big tub of ice cream! 

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