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Monday, June 24, 2013


As a proud Mummy, I just wanted to log some milestones that the kids have reached recently.

Charlotte recently stopped sucking her thumb. I caught her doing it in her sleep last night but it's really been a few weeks now since she last sucked her thumb.
We had friends over to play and I commented that she was having a lazy day where all she wanted to do was lie on the sofa and suck her thumb. The Mom commented that her daughter just recently stopped after she was told she would need braces because sucking your thumb makes your mouth smaller.
I thought that was a great idea and realised that maybe I'd needed 4 teeth pulled because I used to suck my thumb. So I took it up a notch (as Charlotte wouldn't know what braces were) and told Charlotte that if she sucked her thumb, her mouth would get small, there wouldn't be enough room for her teeth and the dentist would have to do an operation to take some of her teeth out. A little harsh? Maybe. But it worked and she has not had any nightmares either! Win!

Both kids have learnt to 'pump' on the swing. Charlotte can now swing all by herself and Toby tries but sometimes he is just too short to even be able to get onto the swing! But he tries and of course and his big Toby grin on his face when he is doing it. If he is too short he shouts "Mummy I need you!" which I hear a lot in the course of a day. It's music to my ears most of the time but when you are in the middle of getting dressed or taking a shower it's not so good!
Oh and I would love to take the credit but it is all down to the preschool and day care staff! Thank you ladies!

Toby loves being outside and his favourite thing is his scooter. The problem is that he is a wanderer and would probably scoot off for miles if I let him! Charlotte is more of an indoors type of person, preferring to sit for ages at her little wooden table and colour or draw or write. She is actually excited to do her summer 'homework' which involves writing her name neatly between two lines and writing numbers through 200.

Charlotte has also learnt to click her fingers. She has been practising for ages now. It's not very loud but she is very pleased with herself that she can do it and we are very impressed too!

There are probably so many more things that they are doing that they weren't a few months ago but I am happy that I have captured these ones.

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