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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

thrills and skills...

We have had a busy June so far with something on every weekend.

Early June saw the kids performing at their gymnastics' thrills and skills show. They attend 'Kid's Gym' once a week and have only been going since January / February so we didn't exactly have high expectations!

They were a part of the 'Tumble Kids' show where the ages ranged from 3 to 5. It was very busy with lots of parents and families to watch all of the little kids. And a bit crazy to get a good spot to watch... Especially as our kids were in different groups but performing at the same time, so it was a case of divide and conquer! I gave Jeremy the dslr to take photos and I tried to capture as much video as I could on my iphone. I always end up stressing about trying to capture footage of them rather than just watching but with no other family over here, it is great to be able to put photos on Facebook for our friends and family back in the UK (and other parts of the world!) to enjoy and see how fast the kids are growing up!

It was a fun couple of hours and such a great experience for the kids to learn to be comfortable performing in front of such a large crowd. We knew a couple of families there so we were cheering on a number of kids! It was so nice for us to see both kids in a show and can't quite believe Toby is big enough to be up there! We were very proud parents that day.
Our kids can only attempt most of the moves but they got plenty of cheers and I think they really enjoyed it. Especially as they received trophies engraved with their names at the end and got to do a big 'ta-'da' on a podium.
We dressed Toby in one of his Olympic t-shirts so he was representing team GB in the gymnastics :) Maybe one day.... :)

Toby has great eye sight and managed to spot us every so often and give us one of his beaming smiles. When they get their ribbons during class they are told to wait until their parents capture a photo -  which is what he kept doing... We had to try and shout over the crowd that we had seen him and he could go and sit down! Very cute!

This equipment was at the back of the room so the photos are a bit dark 
but he did a great job of working his way across.

Charlotte has long legs which helps her jump up onto the equipment but she isn't always so elegant! 
I think Toby's favourite part is bouncing on the trampolines! 

Always a big 'ta-da!' at the end! :) 

Toby almost took his teacher's eye out with his 'ta-da!'. 
Both kids are starting to get a lot of confidence in front of a large audience. 
Every day at preschool they are asked to perform in a group, in front of teachers and the rest of the class. They just sing a couple of songs and it is all very relaxed and fun. 
And we can see the results as they were not phased by the audience and noise at the show. 

Proud of their trophies

As it was a nice sunny day, we went for frozen yoghurt with friends afterwards. 
All of the kids were on a high so I am glad we managed to get a table outside! 
I have blurred their friends' faces 

We love the gym as it has a really nice family feel, even though there are so many kids who walk through their doors each week!

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