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Thursday, April 25, 2013

re-adjusting on re-entry

We've been back just over a week and we are still trying to adjust.

There is the obvious time change thing. When we arrived in the UK we were 4 hours different, then their clocks changed to make it 5 hours, then J and I went to France which added another hour. There was no routine so I completely lost track of the day and date nevermind time!

Coming back we are now hungry at funny times... Usually starving in the morning and around 3pm so we have been snacking a lot since our return! I still don't know what the date is and keep panicking I have missed an appointment!

There have been sleepless nights, potty accidents and tantrums over leaving friends' houses after a play date.

It was just so hard to say goodbye this time. And I think the kids just don't want to say goodbye another time.

They are older and understand that it will be a long time before we see our friends and family again. They got to play with kids their own age almost every day for over 2 weeks. They got to live at Grandma and Grandad's as well as with their cousins. We made the most of the soft play, comfort food and big shopping centres. To be honest I can see where the kids are coming from and it's hard to explain that we wouldn't live like that if we lived in the UK all the time.

Five cousins (two and a half years apart in age) teaching Papa 'Wind the bobbin'! 

There were lots of tears and every day I have heard "I don't to live in America" or "I don't want to go to Preschool" or "I want to go to Auntie Becky's Church".
Charlotte is my sensitive one. Toby is pretty easy going but follows his sister. He laughs when she laughs and cries when she cries. She is old enough to tell me who she misses and it breaks my heart.

I have tried to talk to them about it but it's hard to hold a conversation with a 3 and 4 year old who just want to play.

So we are slowly trying to settle back into life here and the cold wet weather is not helping. The promise of sunshine and sandy beaches by the lake are not holding much weight at the moment... Maybe another trip to Dunkin' donuts or the ice-cream shop is in order? Bribery gets you everywhere right?!

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