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Friday, April 26, 2013

down on the farm...

Whilst we were in the UK, we were able to go to Peterborough to visit our new niece who lives on a farm with 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 horses and of course her 2 parents!

We haven't been able to get over there on a home leave trip yet because they live 3 hours from our home towns. Thankfully J's sister and husband have made the long drive over to us each time.

But with the arrival of the little lady and having two kids with a more flexible schedule, it was our turn, so we jumped in the car and headed over to the countryside.

After lots of cute baby snuggles - Charlotte was very taken with her new cousin and couldn't get enough of her, giggling when she stretched out and touched her face - we ventured out onto the farm to feed the horses and ride the tractors.

Toby, the fearless one, quite happily held out his hand time and time again to feed the horses pieces of apple. Charlotte chose to watch after trying once! I don't blame her - Angus really is a huge horse!

And then onto the tractors and both kids were excited! They eagerly climbed up into the cab and asked Uncle David to turn on the engine. He was great with them and even let them practice lifting the attachment on the back (Ok I have no idea what it was!).

They even climbed up into the combine harvester... Did I mention Toby is pretty fearless?!

And then just enough time to take Tia for a walk. Poor Jack is getting old and wasn't up for a walk but lovely Tia patiently walked with the kids. She is so loyal and stayed by their sides the whole time. Toby was very cute, throwing sticks for her to fetch and shouting "Drop it!" in his thick American accent. Eventually he learnt to say "Leave it!" and she understood him. They had a wonderful time together! 

We hope to see them all again soon, but until then we have some wonderful memories and photos. 

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