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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Charlotte put Toby to bed yesterday lunchtime.

They were both at home for the day and we'd had a busy morning at the beach and playground then came home and watched Finding Nemo.

It was almost 3pm and we were upstairs as I was changing Toby's nappy (really need to get on and potty train him!) and I thought we had gone past his nap time when the next thing I knew, Charlotte was closing my bedroom door behind her. She looked up at me and with a big smile on her face said she had just put Toby to bed. She told me she had tucked him in and given him his teddy to cuddle. I  heard her kiss him. So precious.

I went in to check and he was there, all snug in my bed. Bless her! He often sleeps in my bed during the day and I wasn't sure if she was jealous so I thought it was so lovely that she was taking care of her little brother. 

He tries to look after her too but sometimes gets a bit distracted. Like the other day when he tried to tell her that her label was poking out of her new Princess costume but ended up in his little trance and sucked his thumb whilst holding her label. Quite a sight - her standing in the living room admiring her new costume and him behind her holding her label and sucking his thumb! 

So they might drive me crazy sometimes and break my heart when they fight, but all I need are moments like these to treasure forever. 

They are off to Preschool today. Charlotte is moving up to afternoons (though will go to day care in the morning) and Toby is starting in the mornings. So a big day for both of them but at least they have each other.

I love my brother very much. 
I just wish he was closer so I could give him a hug.

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