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Friday, October 19, 2012

photo-a-day september

It's been a busy couple of months. These photos seem like such a long time ago now but...

Here are my instagram photos for fatmumslim's photo-a-day october challenge:

1: me, now - 6:30am. Ready for a run
2: father - patiently playing with our daughter on her birthday
3: far away - enough said :(
4: in my mailbox - lots of junk but exciting parcels on the doorstep! 

5: (not so) bright - but the kids don't care
6: every day - I make a cup of tea and think of home
7: (not sure quite how) natural - these are but I bet they taste good with a salsa dip! 
8: at night - Toby snoring after a fun day

9: something you do most weekends - have fun with these little people
10: b&w - I received this email today from Crate & Barrel - love that store! It's a bit like Habitat
11: hero(es) - of 9/11
12: together 

13: table - a chiropractor's table at Dr Oscar's
14: (the kids') favourite: thing about the shopping mall
15: first thing I saw - when the sun came up - greenery at the nature centre
16: strange(st) - thing I've seen all day - a grasshopper

16: strange - I found another shot - it's a praying mantis! 
17: in my fridge
18: price
19: underneath - the canopy of the train at Binder Park Zoo

20: man-made - lighthouse at South Haven
21: sometimes - I like to indulge my hobby of cars
22: up - high looking down over the MOPS mom-to-mom sale
23: before bedtime

24: 3 things
25: frame(s) - part of my 'fall' decorations 
26: near
27: love - fall colours

28: (it's a) good thing - that Toby finally took his nap
29: errand - the only one we did today - haircuts for the kids
30: me, then - one of the many summers spent on my Uncle's pig farm

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