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Thursday, November 10, 2011

put your hands up

Ok two quick cute things about Toby at the moment...

When I go into Charlotte in the morning, she is like a grumpy teenager, moaning that it's too bright, that she doesn't want to get up etc etc.

However when I go into Toby he jumps up, squints from the light and starts waving his hands about to tell me that he wants me to pick him up out of his cot. I am making the most of this because, even though he is quite the Mummy's boy, I'm sure it won't last for too much longer!

The other cute (if slightly annoying) thing is his insistence that I am called Daddy! I ask him "Toby, what is my name?" and he replies "Daddeee" every single time! I get the same excited, jumping around, hands waving reaction with the obligatory "Daddeee" if I go to the mail box at the end of the drive or if I leave him for 3 hours! It's funny how they have no sense of time.
So I am working on Mummy but for now just loving his energy!

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