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Sunday, November 20, 2011

the Harpers have landed

We are on our first 'home leave' trip since moving to the US. So far the highlights have been seeing family and eating bacon butties and Roses chocolates. Unfortunately the jet lag has hit us all hard. The kids are struggling to sleep at night. Toby woke up at 11pm the first night after only 3 hours sleep and didn't settle until 2am! Charlotte woke up too but soon fell asleep again. We had to put him in with us in the end. Last night he woke up again around 11 and took until 1:30 to settle, again in our room. Tonight he seems ok but Charlotte was wide awake until gone 11pm. It's gone midnight and we are still wide awake. At least of we stay like this it will be easier to readjust when we go back to Michigan time!

So far we have seen Jeremy's folks and my brother and his family. Being at his parents' house feels like we have never been away. They have always lived a few hours away so we are used to being here with suitcases! My Brother's kids have grown up so much in 9 months!! The baby is almost walking, the toddler is talking and almost potty trained, the second boy has started school and the oldest boy has an unbelievable grasp of grammar - he knows way more than me and the language he uses is so grown up!! Where did the babies go?! So good to hold them, talk to them, watch my kids play with them and just spend time getting to know them again.

So what happened when we first landed at London Heathrow?! ... I thought all of the airline crew were putting on posh English accents until I realised I just hadn't heard a London accent in such a long time! I thought the pedestrian crossing with the black and white poles with the yellow flashing beacons on were just for show - fake like a set! I had not seen one for so long they seemed unreal!! I thought all of the cars in the car park seemed really small and the licence plates looked really old fashioned.
All in all it was quite a weird 30 minutes!
I have yet to go to a supermarket, a shopping mall or a restaurant... Places which will make me realise I am truly back in England!

We have lots more people to see and places to go so I will post again soon.

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