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Sunday, November 6, 2011

speaking of which...

The clocks 'fell back' last night and our kids managed to stay in bed until 7:30. Sounds good but they are still adjusting!

I am not sure what has got into Charlotte but she has not stopped talking since she got up. Which has made me think about our accents. Although I think I still have an English accent I know I have adopted many American words or phrases. It is just easier to say trash can, stroller, yard, shopping cart and so on. If you don't then people just do not understand what you are talking about... With some hilarious consequences! Jeremy was talking about getting ourselves ready for bad weather and having supplies in the basement. He told our neighbour that he had stashed a torch within easy reach. Well that had our neighbours imagining that we had shipped some sort of prehistoric flame device from England until they realised he meant a flashlight!

I find myself trying to remember which is the English pronunciation and dropping words in without even thinking about it.

But the biggest change is Charlotte. She goes to school 3 days a week and watches American kids' tv like Diego and Chuggington. And after being here for 7 months, listening to her non stop commentary this morning, she sounds so different to us. Her accent has changed so much and to me she sounds so American now. I love listening to her talk and find myself copying some of the things she says.

It will be really interesting to see what people think of her accent when we head back to the UK in a few weeks. I know there is one person who will be correcting me and that makes me smile.

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