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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

snow, snow and a bit more snow...

The BBC reports "North America shivers in 'polar' freeze!". 

In the East from Toronto and New York across the West to Minnesota, towns and cities are currently under a foot or two of snow with below, way below, freezing temperatures! 

We have had snow for the whole of December and it's been around or below freezing for most of that time. 
On Monday weather.com said the temperature outside was -17oC but the wind chill made it dangerously low - around -30oC! My cousin lives in Duluth in Minnesota and it felt like -41oC there! 

There was chaos at the local supermarkets on Saturday as people rushed to stock up before the big freeze! Even the local news were in Meijer reporting on the empty shelves and lack of organic cherry tomatoes!  

So what does it mean for us? Well everywhere was closed! For 3 days I got texts and emails from the local news station telling me schools, libraries and other public places were closed. 

No gym classes for me or the kids and Jeremy couldn't get to work. In some areas there was even a ban on driving unless it was essential. If you got stuck in the snow you could get a ticket! 

So Jeremy worked from home and we amused ourselves as best we could without making too much noise! The kids played happily with their new toys, we braved the cold for a short time each day - shovelling the driveway and path and making room for the mailman to drop off our mail. The city sent a plow down our road on Sunday and again on Tuesday night. We are lucky to live on a bus route so we are a higher priority tat some streets. We also pay a gardening company to clear our driveway but they must have been overwhelmed with work as they only came out a couple of times. 

We also had fun 'wading' into the middle of the backyard where the snow was almost up to our waists! We froze a Tshirt, made ice ornaments, ate snow Icecream and if there wasn't already enough snow, we made more by evaporating boiling water!! 

It's been a long Christmas break - Toby has been off for over 3 weeks, but we've had lots of nice family time and we are warm and dry in our house so we can't complain... But a bit of normality would be nice! 

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