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Friday, February 15, 2013

Lying in bed watching the snow fall

That's pretty much all I have done for the last few weeks.

I got the flu and it took me out big time! They say you know it's flu and not a cold when it hits you hard and totally takes you out. I definitely had the flu and a chest infection.

It took 2 weeks and a course of antibiotics to shake off the symptoms and another week to regain my energy levels (and brain power!).

Thankfully Jeremy was at home as he had booked a week off work. The plan was to have a few days together going out for lunch etc and then a few days in a resort called Great Wolf Lodge (think Centre Parcs in the snow) but sadly he spent the whole time looking after me. Also school agreed to have the kids for us for a week so Jeremy could work and do the drop off / pick up.

He didn't really get a rest but he did get the chance to do things like dance and gymnastics with the kids and the school routine, all things he doesn't normally get to do, but not really what we had planned. Oh well, that's life and we rearranged the trip up north for a weekend in March.

I spent 2 weeks watching the snow fall and catching up on my tv programmes on Netflix and the BBC iPlayer... Thank goodness for technology!
I was too sleepy to read and lost count if the number of times I had to replay the shows because I fell asleep watching them!

I am so grateful to the friends and family who helped us. To the people who kept in touch on email and Facebook, keeping me sane. And especially the friends who brought us meals. Jeremy did a great job of shopping and cooking but it was a relief when friends brought over tasty soups and casseroles and take away!

I missed so much. I missed my kids, I missed my husband (who moved to the spare room to be saved the non stop night time coughing) and I missed a couple of good nights out! We managed to sell our tickets to see the stage show Les Mis at the local theatre which was a shame but at least my friend got to go.

I was due to participate in a half marathon on Sunday but given its still -3oC outside and I am only just back in my feet, I will run a 5K instead.

It's so nice to be back in the land of the living but looking forward to spring and some warmer weather!

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