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Thursday, February 21, 2013


The kids are growing up so fast.

I think we will be saying that for the rest of our lives. Doesn't every parent say it? Time is going so fast. We are trying to savour every moment.

We often have no warning of when the last times will be too. Like Toby's last day time nap. We've been struggling to get him to take a nap (even though he does perfectly fine at day care!) and finally we have given in. After trying, unsuccessfully, for most of last week we have stopped them and he is doing fine so far. I thought it would be hard to not have that quiet time with just Charlotte, but actually they are playing together so well at the moment, that they can keep themselves amused for quite a while!

They have numbers teams at preschool and Toby joined the "I can count to 10" group (even though he can count to 20 and beyond for me) having done it in front of his friends and teachers at school and Charlotte joined the 100s.

And then there are the milestones that you conveniently forget about after number one outgrows them... Like the procrastination at bed time. Toby has always been a good sleeper. He's just like his Daddy - when he is tired he knows it and is quite happy to go to bed (sucking his thumb and fiddling with his label), unlike Charlotte, who takes after me, and flat out denies she is tired and argues to stay up. But once she admits defeat, she has got much better at going straight to bed, all be it sometimes with the light still on reading. But Toby has started the whole "I just need to say something" or rearranging things in his room at bed time!

Like I say, they are playing really well together at the moment, and will even play in the basement together. Charlotte calls Toby "Little Brother" and he calls her "My Charlotte". They are always giving each other hugs (normally instigated by Charlotte) and she often says "Mummy I love you so much".

Kids are hard work, our life is so very different to what it was a few years ago and time alone is precious. But I love it!

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