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Thursday, May 22, 2014

tutu tutorial...

Tutus seem to be the 'in thing' to wear to fun races this year. There was the Tutu run back in february where men, women and kids donned their tutus and ran 2.2 miles over snow and ice in aid of Girls on the run. And then the Color run in April where I saw lots of rainbow coloured tutus running through the dye. And I bet there were plenty to be seen at the Borgess marathon.

It's the Run or Dye race coming up and our team are wearing... Yes you guessed it... Tutus! I love it! What a great excuse to wear something as fun as a tutu!

So how do you make one I hear you ask?! Simply purchase 4 spools of tulle, a roll of elastic and grab your scissors.

Measure the elastic around your waist and cut, leaving an extra bit to tie. Simply knot the elastic a couple of times to secure it. 
Then cut the tulle to your desired length. I cut mine to 30 inches as I wanted a longer skirt. 
Fold it in half and loop it around the elastic. Repeat. And repeat. Until you fill the elastic.

Note: Sparkly tulle looks fab but be prepared to get covered in the loose glitter!! 
P.S. if you have left over tulle, it can make a great ribbon for wrapping a present. 

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