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Monday, May 12, 2014

color run kalamazoo

The Color run came to Kalamazoo and I loved it!

It's definitely more of a fun run than a race and it's not timed so you just make your way around the course, soaking up the atmosphere and trying to get as colourful as you can over the 3 miles.

The start is staggered so that there isn't a big fight at the first colour station. I swear there were at least 5000 people there!

The colour stations are spread out about every kilometre. There are a load of volunteers who have paint bottles of dyed corn starch which they squirt at you as you run past. You can get handprints on your back, a new hair colour or just a splash of colour on your front. They don't spray it in your face and as long as you keep your mouth closed you won't really breathe too much in.

I wore the official white t-shirt with my running trousers and a tutu that I made at home. The tutu was just for fun and seems to be the 'in-thing' at races at the moment!

I ran with a friend and her 8 year old daughter - she was so much faster than us! Oh the joys of youth!

Jeremy and the kids were cheering us on and met us for the party at the end. That is where you really get covered in colour!

They give you a colour packet at the finish line and then everyone gathers around the stage. Every 15 minutes they countdown and then you throw your 'paint' up into the air or all over your friends.

Charlotte was very excited but I guess we didn't really explain it to Toby who looked down at his new white t-shirt in dismay and asked why we threw orange all over him! Whoops!

But he soon got over it and joined in the fun, watching all of the colour go into the air and throwing handfuls of confetti at the finish line.

When we got home we had the funniest shower ever! Pools of blue and green paint collected in the bottom of the shower and even scrubbing couldn't get off the most stubborn dye... I had blue elbows for about 3 days! And blowing my nose produced surprising results!

I would highly recommend this race to anyone and hope that Charlotte might even run it with me next year!

P.S. I put my iPhone in a small ziploc bag. Some of the photos ended up a bit fuzzy but it certainly saved my phone!

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