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Monday, October 21, 2013

a whole lotta water...

Day 5 in Toronto.
We are going a little bit mad! We are all tired and getting under each other's feet.
There is a reason why people only do city breaks for a weekend.
Having said that, we have approached this trip in our typical fashion of 'see everything within 3 days / stay busy at all times / walk everywhere'!

It has landed us with sore feet , worn out shoes (we should not have let Charlotte walk to the mall and back in her new Princess shoes... my Toms however were already on the way out!) and two over-tired kids!

But we are seeing lots of cool things and giving the credit card a good work out too!

Today was our Wedding Anniversary... 8 long years! Only kidding sweetheart!
Anyway we decided to head down to Niagara Falls for the day. It's a 90 minute drive from Toronto so we thought that would give the kids' legs a break!

We parked near the casino (the parking was $15 in a manned parking lot opposite the casino) and it was a short walk down to the water front.

The views just hit you! You turn round the corner, look through a garden and there is the 'American  Falls' in all of it's splendour! Water crashing down and mist rising up! Stunning!

We had to make sure we stayed on the Canadian side due to a lack of passports. It was funny to see America over a small bridge but great that my mobile phone picked up an AT&T signal with 4G!

The first thing we did was the 'Maid of the Mist' tour. 5s and under were free and it was about $20 each for us (cheap compared to the CN Tower!). We thought it would be a good idea to avoid the weekend crowds and I'm glad we did. I can imagine in the peak season over the summer that you could wait in line for an hour or so but we didn't really wait for anything.

They give you disposable ponchos and man did we need them. We got absolutely soaked on the 20 minute trip. It was really windy and you get blasted in the face with the water! The kids were not exactly impressed but we thought it was fantastic!

Someone did not like their poncho! 

I gave up trying to use my good camera as the lens kept getting too wet but my iphone did pretty well. It was tricky to stand still to pose by the horseshoe falls but that was part of the fun!

We then walked back up the road to Planet Hollywood for lunch. We all loved it, the kids especially! I have never been into one before but have seen them on tv so naturally was excited to go in!

They loved the movie trailers and music videos on the big screens. I was a bit annoyed that they were not censored for daytime family viewing but there were so many pieces of memorabilia we managed to distract the kids during Michael Jacksons Thriller video!

I thought Matt Damon's outfit from 'Good Will Hunting' was pretty cool! 

We then made the kids walk the mile to the main Horseshoe Falls to do the 'Walk behind the Falls' tour which was also around $20 per adult.

The famous 'Horseshoe Falls'

They were not too happy about this and kept asking when we were going back to the hotel but I think they are just ready for a bit of normality!

"Toby - I'll give you an Oreo cookie if you smile for the camera!"

If you didn't have to bring your kids, I think you would enjoy it more.
Our kids will probably never remember today as they are too young but they did enjoy exploring the tunnels behind the falls and I'm always happy to go on family adventures.

Watching the water crash down from a look-out point in the tunnel system behind the falls

I am so pleased that we went - what a trip of a lifetime - but we need a quieter day tomorrow!
You never know, we might just find our passports are ready in the next 24 hours...

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