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Friday, October 18, 2013

a visit to see Gene the Pumpkin man...

Last weekend we went to see Gene the Pumpkin man.

You can't help but love this man! "Since 1957"

The kids love pulling the orange wagons around.

His farm is about 30 minutes drive from our house on the M43. It's a really fun place as everything is orange or decorated with pumpkins! 
The younger kids love it but it's only small so you can 'do it' in about an hour or so.

Our kids loved playing inside the huge metal pumpkin.

And of course, Charlotte made a bee-line for the Princess carriage.

He has rows and rows of pumpkins - a sea of orange! 

Local friends - go and see him before Halloween. He does a great deal on pumpkins and has gourds of all shapes and sizes. I took a bag full of mini pumpkins home to glitter! 
And see if you can spot all of the other orange or pumpkin shaped things around his farm.

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