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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

little fishes

Warning... Very proud mama moment...

The kids have just completed a two week intensive course of swimming lessons.

We managed to get in with Miss Bethany, the lady we had last year. She is a college student who teaches kids in her back yard and she does a great job.

I thought the kids did great last year but they blew me away this year.

We booked six 30-minute one-on-one sessions with each child and she managed to get them both swimming on their own.

Toby struggled with putting his eyes in the water but with some encouragement - which involved me sitting on the side and him having fun splashing me whilst he swam past - he is now happy to do it. He also had some trust issues on his back but this weekend he seemed happy to kick around on his back.
By the end of the second week he could swim, with his eyes in the water, from the deep end all the way to the shallow end. She is teaching them the front crawl so he was practicing big scoops and keeping his eyes in the water.
He didn't quite conquer the big slide but happily went down if she jumped with him! He is a cheeky monkey because he was supposed to do it on his own but he knew she would help him if he got to the top! He did happily jump off the diving board - I think he liked making a big splash!

Charlotte went from strength the strength and by the end of the two weeks was jumping off the diving board and swimming front crawl to the shallow end, going down the slide on her own and beginning to learn how to lift her face to the side and take breaths during the front crawl.

Both kids had their moments of glory and also days where they dug their heels in and refused to co-operate. It was hard to watch and I would often go and sit in the car if they were not behaving. Everyone has a bad day and I guess I admire their strength of character!

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